Zen Retreat

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  • Monday | July 16th - 22nd
  • All Day Retreat
  • Tallaght Retreat Centre
  • (01) 404 8189 / 404 8123
  • Attendees
  • Staff members

The author of Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit, and Zen Gifts to Christians will lead us to a practical understanding of Zen and its significance for today. “Yamada Roshi [his teacher] told me several times he did not want to make me a Buddhist but rather he wanted to empty me in imitation of ‘Christ your Lord’ who emptied himself, poured himself out, and clung to nothing.” (from the Preface of Zen Spirit, Christian Spirit) [Residential €480; non-residential €300]

Robert Kennedy SJ Roshi Robert Kennedy is a Jesuit priest and Zen Master [roshi]. He has doctorates in Christian theology and in psychology. He is professor of theology in St Peter’s College, New York. In addition he is a practicing psychoanalyst in New York City, and a representative at the United Nations of the Institute for Spiritual Consciousness in Politics.


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